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Live Like You Were Dying
the writings of my free mind
My Blurbs
Me and Alison
Spring Break '04
Goth Night 2004!
My Quotes

these are just some poems and "blurbs" you could call them that i wrote for creative writing.. it may not seem like it but all of them are based on the same thing except for the last one

I'm not asking for much,
Just you and everything you are.
Won't you be my love, my life?
Won't you save me from myself
Before something worse does the job?
All I want, and everything I need
Is inside of you...

If I was spinning out of control
Would you stop me?
Turn me around?
Would you just look down on me
Do you notice the hollow in my eyes?
If I was in trouble
Would you help me?
Would you care?
Or would you do nothing
Just sit back and let it all happen.
Watch me flinch, watch me squirm
Watch me cry from all the pain.

So this is how it feels
When everything gets turned around
When the world flips upside down.
Long, sleepless nights
Millions of tears I have cried.
I never knew that one person
Could ensure such hurt.
I never knew that one person
Could turn my heaven into hell.
Without a care in the world;
He turned, smiled, and walked away.

That's it, I'm finished.
I'm done with your games.
The way you tried to play me.
The way you want to hate me.
If you don't get it right now,
You will in a bit.
I'm walking away,
I'm through with your shit.
Don't try to come back,
I don't want you here.
Can't you see what you did?
You're the thing that I fear.
All the things you ever did
And everything you said
Was just a part of your plan
To get me in bed.
It didn't work out,
I'm not that crazy.
The things that you said
Made my vision quite hazy.
Lucky for me,
Because I knew what you started.
Too bad for me,
That I'm the one that you wanted.

It still haunts me like a nightmare.
Always in the back of my mind.
I hear them,
I see them.
And once again, I'm sitting there crying.
All alone with nowhere to go
And no one to tell.
They all call me names
They say things that hurt.
They throw and write things
That make me give up and stop trying.
They don't give a shit
That they're ruining my life.
I sit there and take it
Trying not to cry.
I know I was too young
To start something like this
But the pain was too much
For one girl to handle.
I used an old tack
Made it real deep, so deep that it hurt.
Left a permanent scar
So I could see, more than feel
All the pain that I felt

some of these sound like drug addictions of that im hurting myself. its not that, its just how im expressing myself in words. i use metaphors like those to describe how it all feels, which is weird.. but its me

i wanna do it right by you.. im finding out that cheating gets it faster! - Jimmy Eat World